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ila joi is a faith-based, hand-crafted jewelry and accessories brand that is committed to empowering Haitian women to realize their God given talents in order to earn a sustainable income to provide for their families. Created by Hope. Powered by Prayer.

Ambassador Program


Welcome to our blog! Read about the lovely artisans who make our jewelry! 


Ambassador Program

Jordan Dafnis

"She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25

Finding your worth in Christ isn't very easy anymore. It can be hard to stay true to yourself nowadays. We are constantly consuming filtered feeds on social media,  seeing celebrities on TV and models in magazines.We want to look like that one girl, have that body or her outfit, we often lose our value while trying to keep up with everyone else. 

What if your biggest concern was how you were going to put food on the table or when you would be able to get the medical care you needed? It is almost hard to imagine. In America we are blessed with prosperity. Most of us have trouble truly comprehending what it's like to struggle and to NEED help in that way.

At Ila Joi we want to bring that reality to our followers. The artisans we support have been on the brink of hopelessness, but their faith in Christ redeemed their spirits. We want to share that faith with others.

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors to help us on this mission!!

If you love helping others, traveling, beautiful jewelry, working for a fantastic mission, and are active on social media this is meant for YOU

What does being a Brand Ambassador mean?

It means you get to become a critical part of Ila Joi. As a brand ambassador you will receive complementary jewelry that you will be able to show off to everyone around you. You will be given your very own discount code that you, your friends and family can use. You will be able to showcase our products in your own creative way and practice your marketing skills. You can even win a free trip to Haiti!  YES, THIS IS REAL!! 

 Do you want to join our team and help our 32 artisans?  The application only takes 5 minutes and you could be a part of our summer rep program! Follow the link below and apply today!

Deadline to apply: April 1st

Program begins: May 1st

Written by: Jordan Dafnis