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9170 East Bahia Drive #103B
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ila joi is a faith-based, hand-crafted jewelry and accessories brand that is committed to empowering Haitian women to realize their God given talents in order to earn a sustainable income to provide for their families. Created by Hope. Powered by Prayer.


Each piece of our jewelry is hand-made, there will be slight variations and imperfections in the items. We're sure that you will agree that those imperfections are one of the beautiful aspects about owning one of a kind, handmade jewelry.

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Bel Bijou


Bel Bijou


Dimensions: Lengths vary. Bead size is approximately .5"

Colors: Colors will vary

Details: Created using raw upcycled paper results in a wide variety of pattern and color variations within a single piece of jewelry and from piece to piece. They truly are one-of-a kind and will be a delightful surprise when it arrives in the mail. These necklaces pair nicely with the Esperanza, solid single-strand necklaces for a layered look. Our sample images for the Bel Bijou is to showcase the variety this piece has to offer. 

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